my team of light

meet my beautiful main guides who support my soul journey and yours, by bringing powerful messages, healing and assistance to our work together

ascended masters

GANESH This amazing Ascended Master told me when I first encountered him to not be fooled by the mask he wears, for his elephant head is only a visual representation of his intellect, wisdom and strength. Known as the Remover of Obstacles, he has been far more than that to me. I work with him the most in terms of telepathy, channeling (verbal/written telepathy) and general communion - and he has brought the most amazing, accurate and profound insight and information through for me and my clients. All the predictions he has made for me have come to light (even the situations that I had to be patient with) but he always seeks to reach your higher knowing so you can serve yourself in the best ways. Ganesh is not only one of my dearest masters, he is a comrade and ally. 

Archangel Metatron This angel is one of the only two archangels to have incarnated on earth to live a human life. And because he oversees the ascension of us all, I consider him a master. Archangel Metatron came to me around 2009 and his energy was so powerful, I had to raise my vibration to get closer to him. And once I did, I received much information about the evolution of earth, my own soul mission and the ascension path of others. I work with Metatron mostly when breaking contracts, viewing past life records, closing timelines and clearing karmic cycles. 

Merlin Not just the name of an incarnated wizard, but the name of an energy - a frequency of high, ancient magic. Merlin and I go way back to previous lifetimes on other planes where he taught me alchemy. He often shows up for those who have soul training in earth magic, cosmic creativity and natural medicines and have a particular connection to the elementals (trees, land healing crystals, dragon consciousness, druids, sacred sites, herbalism). Merlin has a fantastic sense of humour and will always show up with a dazzling visual display of his wizardry. He is most present when I am using his Vortex Healing® methods. 



Mother Mary The Divine Mother is an unconditionally loving presence, here to assist us all whom she holds in her heart as her children, she has been in my life since I was born but I've been close to her since the origins of my soul. Her strength is bringing through healing for our hearts, our emotional bodies and our inner child but she will come through at any time we need safety, support, protection and comfort. Her energy feels like the greatest love in the world and anyone who welcomes her in to experience it is always profoundly changed through immediate release and healing. I have also had miraculous experiences with her Divine son, Yeshua (also known as Christ, Jesus or Lord Sananda) and his beloved, Mary Magdalene who will often work in tandem on deep trauma release.

Sekhmet AND ISIS I combine these two powerhouse feminine masters because they came into my life around the same time, when I opened up the keys to my Ancient Egyptian past as well as activating my own priestess energy and high magic gifts from my previous incarnations. They carry Mother-Goddess energy in its absolutely primal state, and they assist with womb healing, sexuality and trauma, clearing toxic masculinity and femininity and bringing confidence, power and enchantment to our mastery.   

JOAN OF ARC Joan came to me when an important part of my mission came to light: freeing those enslaved by guilt, shame and oppression. Working with me to clear past trauma records particularly related to the church, she has also provided great protection for myself and others. She comes to strengthen us, to remind us of our purpose, to help us grow into our most powerful gifts and unique talents that could make a really big difference in the world.  

SHIVA To me, he the master of creation, he carries a strong soul signature of the Creator and comes to heal the painful masculine (in all sexual identities). He has helped me heal my father wounds and has held my Inner Child in his embrace. He is a master of few words, but brings through very direct information - helping us to get right to the source of our situation. He brings devoted, divine father love and can hold the feminine with unconditional love and compassion. I owe a lot of my healing in recent years, particularly issues that are of an intimate nature, to Shiva.

There are so many evolved souls who are supporting us all during this extremely unique and important time on earth and so it is common for other masters to come in to bring messages to those who have a strong connection with them or are focusing on areas of their expertise, such as Thoth, Krishna, Buddha, Quan Yin, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Lakshmi and Lord Kathumi.

spirit guides

white bear This stunning being was incarnate as a Lakota Chief in his last life and he became my gatekeeper guide in September 2018 during one of the most transformational experiences I've had as a human and a soul. I had just taught a workshop during an Avalon retreat in Glastonbury. The women of the retreat invited me to stay for a sound healing session with the incredible singer, medicine woman/sound alchemist, Nalini Blossom.


Various things happened to me during this session: I reclaimed all four elements of my power-soul aspects, I had my first Kundalini awakening experience and then my previous gatekeeper, a warrior Native American guide named Two Feathers, stood up (as if leaving my energy field) and waved me goodbye, turning to look over his shoulder at me. I panicked, I was asking him why he was leaving me, I knew that spirit guides come and go at different stages of our lives, but Two Feathers had been with me all my life and I thought he'd be my main guardian always. But then just a second after he was gone, White Bear appeared to replace him. Wearing white, adorning a large white headdress, his wisdom, poise and peacefulness felt so right to me. He told me his name and I questioned it, a white bear? As in polar? He simply repeated, "My name is White Bear." I looked him up the next day and there he was, the Lakota Chief marked in history.


I had not long had my Shamanic Energy Healing initiation when he entered my life; he is here to bring out the medicine within me, the type of healing I have trained lifetimes for. White Bear will often verbally channel through me Lakota prayers and chants when I am doing deep healing on myself and others. He joins me when I'm retrieving soul parts and assists me with purifying souls and blessings and will walk with me when I travel through worlds to do powerful shamanic and ancestral work. 

Astare A Pleiadian starbeing who came to greet me in 2008; she was my 'first' encounter with a star guide and enlightened me to my star homes and missions - Astare and I go back aeons and work together in the Galactic Federation (It's like the UN of the star systems). She assists me with channeling universal information and multi-dimensional travel and introduces me to new guides, particularly beings from other stars and planets.     

Asram My beautiful lion animal spirit who gave me this name for him because it sounded a lot like Aslam (the lion from my one of my favourite childhood books The Chronicles of Narnia) and this made me smile. I call Asram to me whenever I need to feel that special companionship of an animal, an energy that is loyal, protective and comforting. Whenever I feel that I need strength, courage or security, Asram is right by my side walking with me. He also assists with bringing animal spirits through for others.

I have many other animal spirit guides that surround me, some of them, like other spirit guides, come for just a period of time or come through with just one message. But I do have a few fixed guides who have led me down some very exciting paths, my most daily present animals other than Asram are Shadow my coyote and X'xor (pronounced zex-sor) my tiger.