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about my work

The healing work I do has evolved over the years, becoming something multi-dimensional with no specific name; and I've come to understand that I am predominantly working at a quantum level, beyond timelines and spaces. I also work with the Akashic Records, particularly during Past Life Work, and also to receive Soul-Story information during a healing session or a reading. 

Over twenty-something years, I have learned far more outside the training and qualifications I gained through official courses (although these were essential attunements and basic skills to acquire for connecting with and holding space for others) - through lived experience, deep personal study, increasing my psychic channels, receiving upgrades and transmissions and working with the body and undoing deep-rooted programming (mindset work). I have lived the shadow, the light, the trauma and the transcendence, and I will continue to do so, will continue to learn and to expand and to offer others more in my service. 

I approach all my healing, channeling and teaching with an holistic view - looking at the physical, the chakra/auric, the mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic and ancestral. Through shifting vibrational information and fine-tuning/upgrading frequencies, much is shifted in many areas of one's life. Creating the right alignment for the past to be complete, the present to be anchored and rooted in strength and positive power, and for the future to be the most vibrant, abundant and expanded as it can be. 

I ultimately want for you to understand yourself, who you are at a soul level and who you are today - where you have been, where you are headed, and for you to reclaim the keys to your own Self-Mastery. I want for you the very wisdom, insight, tools and empowerment that I was lucky to discover for myself (with some help from beautiful masters and higher guidance along the way). 

"My alchemy session with Stephanie created such a deep sense of awakening within. I experienced so many synchronicities and the session really helped me awake to who I am. I since have had so many revelations and puzzle pieces piece together. I gained so much clarity and was also able to recognise running themes and wounding in my physical life. It helped me to see, release and awaken to the discovery of who I am. I feel as if I can now move forward in a much more aligned and awakened way. I feel a deeper sense of inner knowing and this has helped me tremendously with my confidence and belief in myself. I am more balanced now and embody a sense of truth within."

- Rakhee, U.K. 

training + Practices

Angelic Reiki 

Not to be confused with the universally known Reiki, Angelic Reiki is the channeling of celestial beings who step into the auric field of the person giving the healing and work through their hands, their heart and their third eye. Ascended Masters can also be called in to work through the healer in the same way. This type of reiki brings through the highest frequencies, for angels are the closest to Source energy - like them, it is incredibly powerful and miraculous but gentle, soft and loving at the same time. 

vortex healing®

Channeled to a man named Ric Weinman in 1994, this modality was brought back to us although it is healing of an ancient lineage - the Merlin lineage. Powerful, advanced and multi-dimensional, this healing works through energy body layers (physical/chakra, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic, ancestral and sister realm) clearing blockages and lower vibrations through all timelines, dimensions and realms. Vortex uses the energy of Source Intelligence - intention is how the energy is directed and channeled, the vortex of Source knows exactly where to go and how to work on the issue brought to light. 

Shamanic energy healing

In 2018, I officially began my Shamanic Energy training and received my first initiation into the Q'ero tradition (a Peruvian lineage), even though I had participated in shamanic ceremonies for several years previous. This initiation changed my life, for it brought back to me all the medicine, gifts and wisdom I lived in past lives as a shaman, medicine person and seer in the Northern American territories, Africa and other spiritual centres on earth. As a descendant of an African ancestral line in this lifetime, this type of work is in my blood. Earth medicine, soul reading, travelling through other realms, animal spirit medicine, ancestral work and soul retrieval were always there in me. Shamanic Energy Healing can extract trauma imprints, recall soul parts that have been left or lost at past painful events. Imbalances and blockages can be actually seen in this body and this has been one of the most effective ways for me to remove negative attachments, entities, vibrations and beings from people. Shamanic practices keep us connected to the wisdom of indigenous and ancient peoples, the richness of earth and all the healing The Great Mother can provide, remembering that we are channels for both Mother Earth's power and that of Great Spirit (the sky energies, the cosmos, the stars - Source).

plant spirit medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is the beautiful practice of communicating with the consciousness of plants, flowers and trees to understand their medicine and wisdom. I completed this training back in 2017 when I was interested in deepening my knowledge of the plant kingdom and herbalism, learning how the properties and characteristics of plants can heal and nourish us daily. Just like celestial beings, ascended masters, spirit guides and animal spirits, plants can give us messages to help us improve our health and correct imbalances in our system, they also can support us emotionally and this can build a profound relationship with the natural world so that we may be in flow and in tune with healing earth blesses us with everyday and everywhere. 

sonic sound therapy

The vibration and frequencies of sound have been proven to shift stagnant energy; I've felt rooms, buildings and my body itself, literally lift in energy and purify when flooding these spaces with sound using sacred instruments such as singing bowls, frame drums, tuning forks, gongs and chimes. In 2018 I was trained to play Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls which completely blew me away. I could feel the frequencies of the infused blend of crystals, could feel how they each worked differently on the chakras, the glands and the auric field. I incorporate sound into my personal work and healing currently but I am being guided to create sound transmissions for others once the time aligns. 

colour therapy

The study of colour is a fascinating subject and their meanings are a universal language. I trained in colour therapy in order to work with vibration and frequency in a very easily digestible and accessible way. Practising aura reading, chakra balancing and visualisation are great basics upon which to build a healing path. Colour Therapy also deepened my knowledge of how colour affects the mind and how we may use them to understand people's desires, or their resistance - how being treated with colour may increase mood and energy levels. 

Other channeled, self-taught or ancestrally inherited practices include Bone Reading, Mauritian Witchcraft, Land Healing, Space Clearing, Attachment RemovalAkashic Record Reading, Crystal Healing, Chakra and Aura healing, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and foundational Astrology.  

"I have zero words for how I feel but I love how calm I feel now. It felt tumultuous at times I cried like a quarter of the way in lol but I'm so happy and grateful to you for helping me.

At any rate, you're amazing! I'm telling everyone about you ASAP because I haven't felt this calm after any spiritual session ever and it's life changing. Thank you thank you thank you."

- A, U.K.

"Clear is exactly how I feel right now. So clear and cleaned out that it's obvious now that I was clogged in ways I didn't fully understand. I do feel a lot better, and like I'll need to explore exactly what "better" means to me...

...So, truly, thank you so much for all your healing. I'm so glad I decided to work with you."

- D, Ireland