About Cindy 


Hello! I’m Cindy.


I am an occupational therapist, wife, mother to 3 beautiful souls, advanced yoga teacher, transformational coach, empath and magic maker.   


After spending some years working in various different jobs, I was drawn to training as an occupational therapist (OT) because of its philosophy of helping people to live their lives to their fullest potential regardless of the challenges they are faced with. I then came across a saying in the OT community asking how many OT’s does it take to change a lightbulb. The answer being none because the OT will show you how to navigate your way through the dark. This had me hooked so I specialised in mental health and over 10 years later it has been my honour to have helped so many people find their way in the dark by maintaining their wellbeing, achieve goals and realise their potential.


I embraced training in practices such as compassionate therapy, coaching conversations, developed and facilitated mindfulness programmes, emotional awareness workshops, and acceptance and commitment therapy groups, just to name a few.  Training as a transformational coach 3 years ago gave me another layer to how I connect and hold space for my clients and has helped me to do the same for my children navigating the pressures of life as they make their way into young adulthood.  

The esoteric has always been a part of my life from seeing spirits as a young child to family and ancestral traditions passed down from my grandmother and as you may have gathered, I am a self -confessed course junkie so being wildly curious about life, humans and all things magic and energy related has led me down many paths in pursuit of deeper understanding and tools such yoga, aromatherapy, magical herbalism and energy healing which I love to incorporate in my life and my work. I am also a complete quantum physics geek and love the science of it all. 

Reach me on Instagram: @yesbutnobutyes_aquarian

email: cindy.soulstar@outlook.com