9th-10th November 2019 10:00am-5:00pm at SOULSPACE, LONDON

Sacred Heart Healing® was channelled to Stephanie Victoire by Mother Mary

during her shamanic healing initiation in 2018. She was told that she would be

given the vibration of unconditional love in that moment and was to pioneer a

new healing modality that would clear the wounding created by the ‘Church

Consciousness’. The sacred heart symbol was energetically placed in the centre

of her heart chakra. For months thereafter, Stephanie received healings and

attunements from Mother Mary to prepare her for the work that she was asked

to one day attune others with and pass on as a rite.

Two days after the Notre-Dame burning, Stephanie was visited again by Mother

Mary and Ascended Master, Joan of Arc, who gave her the message that it was

time to create the Sacred Heart Healing® and teach it far and wide.

This healing clears the karmic cycles we have endured with the church.

Joan of Arc’s channeled message was this:

“Everyone existing on this planet right now has experienced some kind of church

life. Every single soul has incarnated at least once as a nun or priest, every

individual on this planet currently, has been affected by the church in some way

- in many lifetimes previous and in this lifetime. But at large, at a global level,

there is a church consciousness that is to be broken. Collectively, we have been

damaged by the church’s historical actions, including The Witch Trials, The

Crusades and any other catastrophic pursuit that changed the course of events

for the planet, steering it towards oppression, fear and suffering, no matter how

large or small. It is time to break the consciousness that has dominated so many

and has kept us all in fear and has damaged us spiritually. More importantly, it is

time to liberate women from the church.”

Supporting this healing modality, Ascended Master Joan works for the protection

of souls ready to be brave and break contracts, vows and initiations from

previous lives, baptisms we’ve experienced in this lifetime or any other experience

where we have been made as a product of Catholicism or Christian lineage.

Mother Mary is the very vessel of the “Vibration of Sophia”: the light and

consciousness of pure unconditional love, the highest golden ray of Christ

Consciousness and the healing and empowering activation of Mary Magdalene. It

is the ‘goddess’ vibration in its highest Yin and Yang balanced frequency. Sophia

is an ancient Greek word meaning “wisdom”, and it is this ancient wisdom that

belongs in our time, in the here and now, we are ready for it.

Stephanie received the attunement and given the Vibration of Sophia and

learned from these Ascended Masters how to give and teach this healing to

others. Now is the time for us to take our healing to the next level through these

loving and very powerful sessions and begin a new stage in Mother Earth’s

evolution by bringing back the Vibration of Sophia, as it was, before it was

removed from history.

During this course you will:

o Receive the Sacred Heart Healing® attunement

o Learn about the ‘Church Consciousness’

o Learn about Past Life Viewing and Past Life Healing

o Understand vows and contracts and how to break them

o Learn how to use the Sacred Heart Flame to clear trauma, timelines,

attachments and spaces

o How to channel the energy of the Ascended Masters for guidance and


o Receive messages and blessings from Mother Mary, Joan of Arc, Yeshua

and Mary Magdalene

o Practice receiving and giving Sacred Heart Healing®

o Gain confidence in channeling, performing a healing and handling clients

o Learn how to create and prepare appropriate sacred space for Sacred

Heart Healing®

o Learn how to hold space for clients, especially during particularly

traumatic or difficult cases

o How to conduct appropriate protection techniques and clearings for


o How to ‘link in’ and develop your own intuition

o Practical tools to get you started in your practice

Following the course, students will be required to submit fifteen case studies

before receiving certification, this not only shows your commitment to this

healing, but also it gives you time and experience to understand your own

connection and journey - deepening your relationship with the energies at work.

Mother Mary has desired from the very birth of this modality, that those who go

onto spread this work are dedicated to the greater results.

These case studies may be done within the time frame of up to one year, but do

bear in mind that the sooner the case studies are complete, the sooner you

receive your certificate and can begin practicing Sacred Heart Healing®.

Although this is not a race! The more thorough the quality of your case studies,

the better this serves your practice.

Day One: Saturday 9th November – 10pm-5pm

Introduction, setting space, discussion, meditation, understanding vows and

contracts, connecting with The Essenes, attunement and first healing

receiving/giving, past life viewing.

Day Two: Sunday 10th November – 10am-5pm

Discussion, channeling, practice, developing intuition, protection and sacred

space, dealing with various types of cases, fine-tuning session practice, Temple

blessing with Mother Mary.

Breaks will be given throughout the course. Water and tea will be offered as

refreshments during the weekend. Please bring food/snacks for lunchtimes and

tea breaks. There also various places in the area which serve many food and

drink options.


The course will be held at the beautiful, safe and cosy Soul Space studio,

Hackney, London. There are great transport links including nearby Overground

Stations (Dalston Kingsland/Dalston Junction/Hackney Downs), great bus links

from East, North and Central London, (including London Bridge + Liverpool

Street rail stations) and Zone 1 tube lines.

Price: £888 divided into installments or £800 if paid in full

*email petalandmossapothecary@gmail.com to discuss payment options with me*

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