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Heart Medicine may feel like an energetic hug to the heart, or a support to something in the core of you that longs to be stabilised or strengthened. Heart Medicine may also be a vibrational hum to your very soul - a song sang to you from a plant or a crystal. Or it may be the very commitment you make to yourself to nurture what is already there: a divine source of love and power.

In vibrational essence form, Heart Medicine is a synergy blend of nature allies such as plants, flowers, crystals essences, gentle and nurturing energy healing and the loving and empowering charge of the sun and the moon. 

Especially potent in times of heartache, surrender, vulnerability or uncertainty, but can also be used by anyone who wishes to add a delicate and nourishing self-care ritual to their daily practice.


Our animal brothers and sisters have such powerful medicine and lessons to give us. And when we work with  - not just the animals who physically walk the earth, but also with those in spirit - we can find within us, our own way of mindfully navigating our time on this planet.


Their love and strength is encouraging, uplifting and restorative and when particular animal spirit guides show up, the messages they bring can be key to how we move through certain situations. Some of them walk with us always, and possibly have done for many lifetimes and some of them just visit once to give us a piece of wisdom.  

Petal and Moss offers Animal Spirit Medicine in the form of the vibrational essence, "Four Paw Power" and distant readings to connect you with your personal animal spirit guides and to gift you with their loving wisdom and support.


When we seek a reading or a healing, we are often hearing a call from ourselves to dig into the heart of a matter, or, we are available for a journey of healing ourselves - we all are capable of doing so. Or maybe we are just simply declaring our commitment to giving ourselves some deeper attention.

If you have ever wanted to know what animal spirit medicine wishes to work with you or who your spirit guides are, I am able to facilitate this connection for you. Guides are beautiful sources of wisdom and light, who are walking with us in life, they have messages for us and if we ask for them, they are given. They only seek to love and guide us in ways that are only serving us in the highest ways. 


If you are finding yourself wanting to experience some healing and self-exploration, I can offer the gentle but powerful distant energy healing methods of Angelic Reiki or VortexHealing® to align and restore the emotional and spiritual bodies, to release old patterns, to uplift and re-energise or to locate where resolutions may be discovered in order to bring yourself into a state of balance and growth. 


Meditation is a beautiful and relaxing way to reconnect with yourself and reach new depths of release, peace and nourishment for your mental, emotional and spirit bodies. To be gently guided on a soul-led journey is to explore a fuller connection with your mind, it is a practice that leads to clarity, focus and resonance with your own powerful and positive sense of inner direction. 

The meditations I have created, act to gently guide you to spaces within yourself where you may reach your tranquility, alignment, centredness, and a sense of deep connection to what is divine. 


I'm an author, healer and intuitive who has been working with magical practices for twenty years but I believe that I have just been tapping into just some of the incredible gifts that every single person has within them. The nature kingdom is longing to work with us all, we share this beautiful planet, after all. I long to see us all working with our own abilities to nurture ourselves, to be the support we are looking for, to ourselves. 

After a traumatic childhood, I decided that it was up to me to heal in the way that I desired to heal: deep, deep down in the roots of me. I felt a call to Herbalism, Tarot, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Angelic Reiki, Crystals, Astrology, Shamanic Healing, Merlin's Vortex Healing and all sorts of awesome tools to work with along the way. What I have learned about my physical, emotional, mental, ancestral and spiritual bodies, and what I have had the opportunity to soothe and release is absolutely invaluable and cherished.


And here I am offering to be of service to whoever is seeking it, to respond to and fine-tune what rests inside of them, dormant or otherwise. 

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