The Soul Star Collective


Welcome, Friends. 

A place for us like-minded souls to share, learn, grow and embody our higher selves together, to enjoy this soul mission we're all here to pursue, while navigating the earthly day-to-day as best we can - and to have some fun while we're doing it!
We are tribes people, and when we become a collective, the magic between us expands across the world and all the way up to the cosmos.

/ Soul Star Chakra / :

Known as the chakra of the Higher Self, resting a few inches above the crown chakra: it is the centre through which we receive Divine/Cosmic Wisdom, our soul truth and higher knowledge.

We are Stephanie Victoire & Cindy Marie-Jeanne, and we are sisters. 

We began our spiritual journey when we were just young pups in this lifetime, but we go as far back as the stars! Soul family to the core, we have shared this journey for many, many lives, learning, growing and remembering together.

We've cried and laughed our way through it all; we're not just sisters, we are best friends, allies and confidantes. And if we've learned anything on this journey, it's that one of the most important things to have whilst walking your own path, is to have a tribe, a community - a collective of souls right there with you who support you, care about your growth, and all your soul desires - those who will just be there to help you figure things out. 

We've been through a whole lot together, from childhood to now; we awakened to Spirit together and made a pact to find our magic. And after twenty-something years of hashing it out, studying and growing, discovering who we are, and stepping forth into service, we've seen what the power and healing this magic of bonded souls can hold for others.


And so we wish to turn this sisterhood into a bigger family - we invite you to be here in this heart-based, soul-nourishing and playful space with us.


With the biggest hugs and love,

Cindy & Steph x