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"I worked with Stephanie for 5 weeks. I felt like we covered so much in such a short time! There was an instant connection and I always felt calmer & clearer after each session.During the course I was given really great tools to manage my emotions and ultimately connect with my body better and release energy. 


I learnt so much about meditation, crystals and healing methods that are not only invaluable to me now are also practical and easy to implement in my busy life!


The past life reading & energy healing which were part of the course were beautifully presented and resonated with me so much. It helped further my understanding of my personal reasons for contacting Stephanie and more importantly helped me begin to work through them 


Stephanie is a beautiful soul and if you have an opportunity to work with her you are very lucky."


- Kelly, UK 


No matter what part of your journey you are on, I will meet you there. I am here to support your sou's evolution by being a friend, a guide, a teacher and a healer - we are kindred. We all have our own teachers in life - our soul family, our counsel, our tribes and mentors, for what would anyone be without them?


We recognise them when we meet them; there is a connection, a meeting of hearts and minds. But it's all about finding the right support, the right kind of guidance that helps you with your path. An honouring of who you are, and what you are becoming. 

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"For the first time in my life I feel these range of emotions: peace, love and happiness.​ It is my first time to feel excited for being in this life.After the session I have been feeling a love and peace breeze in my heart.Plus I have more energy. I keep planning and dreaming how I want my life to be

I can't thank you enough. I am really

grateful that you are being part of my healing journey."

- Hanan, Emirates

"I loved my readings and healing with Stephanie. Everything resonated so much and each has given me a positive push forward along my journey. Stephanie was also able to tap into a past life and connect with an Egyptian guide whom many other intuitives have told me about and she gave me ways of opening up to them. The animal guides she has brought into my life have been powerful and make me smile whenever they come up. I am grateful for her talents and gifts."

- M.W, USA