2022 Magic Box Reading

Would you like to have a personalised Magic Box for you to delve into for the coming Year?


Would you like to know who your spirit guides are for this exciting year?


The themes and areas for you to pay attention to for some guidance and navigation? As well as the astrological energies for you to specifically embrace, the plants, crystals, animal spirits, herbs, therapies, ascended masters, tools and instruments that are going to support your journey and amplify your growth and healing the most?


I'm very excited to be able to offer you a mini channeled message, card reading and a chart full of the specific themes, tools and therapies that your spirit guides are highlighting to help you to make the most (fun) of your path for 2022. 


During this year, I received the names of herbs, instruments, flowers, colour vibrations, themes, astro signs, elements, deities and various other supportive tools and allies to give me focus on what was to be released and what wanted to help me grow and heal, and I would love to bring through your very own to help you advance based on the energies of next year. 


All information is channeled through me by your guides and mine so each report is unique to you!


Your Magic Box Reading will include:


  • The team of spirit guides, beings, masters and energies working with you in 2022
  • The main themes coming into play for you for 2022
  • The healing modalities, therapies, rituals and methods best for you
  • The plants, flowers, crystals, herbs and any other wellness tools that will boost your path and gift you great healing for 2022
  • The animal spirit guides/totems working with you in 2022
  • Information about the astrological energies for you to embrace and connect with that will support friendships/all relationships, full/new moons and seasons and that will bring out your talents and gifts 
  • The most significant areas for you to pay attention to/work on during the year
  • A mini card reading (tarot/oracle card themes and meanings for 2022)
  • A mini channeled message from your guide, master or other being from your spirit support team. 


Your magical tool kit is something you can continue to return to over the course of the year for self-development and empowerment. 


This is a limited offering for January only.


Blessings to you for 2022 and beyond!


2022 Magic Box Reading

  • Your personal channeled distant reading sent via to you via PDF, plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.

    Because of the time and commitment given to doing the reading and creating the report given afterwards, readings cannot be refunded.