Alchemy of the Masculine + Feminine Within - with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

A Distant Healing Session with myself and the Ascended Masters Yeshua (Lord Sananda, Jesus, Christ) and Mary Magdalene. 


Channeled and gifted to me by the masters themselves, this powerful balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within, serves to bring you more love and power in a Yin/Yang harmony.


At the moment, as the Divine Feminine Consciousness is upgrading and expanding, we are being called to rise this up within ourselves into the highest and purest vibration of power, and bring the masculine up into the highest and purest vibration of love. 


All of us have within us a masculine energy, and a feminine energy - these are said to be the "twin flames of God's heart" residing inside each and every one of us. When out of balance (and this is all but most of us humans), this plays out in many debilitating ways. 


If balanced, our inner feminine means that we are in creative flow, we are in healthy attunement with our bodies, we are in our fullest magic and in our deepest intuition. We are not threatened or dominated by the masculine. We show the masculine how to love, how to hold space and we thrive without fear and feel safe in our sexuality and expression.


If the inner masculine is balanced, then we are in a healthy relationship with our abundance, our sense of home and saftey, we can hold space well for others (especially the feminine), support without envy or the need to compete with others. We bring our passions and ideas into form and feel energised but grounded and stable in all aspects of our life. Beyond these qualties, there is the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine - the evolved frequencies of these energies. 


This healing session will work on the energy body at this level, harmonising your higher self with an upgraded, activated and empowered balance of the Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine) in your consciousness and all your subtle bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, karmic and ancestral).


During the session, you will be taken up to Source along with the Ascended Masters and any guides, angels or any other being in your team of light who wish to support you, and there we will meet your masculine being and your feminine being. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene will clear and heal any blocks and will pour divine light codes into them to reactivate them before bringing them into sacred union. 


As this work is being done by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, each healing will be unique and it is up to the masters to gift you what is needed at this time. 


Information about your inner masculine and inner feminine may come through which will be channeled for you - you will receive details of your healing session in a PDF report  which will be emailed to you after. 



Alchemy of the Masculine + Feminine Within - with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

  • A 30-40 minute distant healing session and PDF report following the healing. Date and time will be arranged through email correspondence. 

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