Spirit Guide Reading

You have a team of beautiful beings purely here with you to support your growth and divine path. Animal spirits, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, angels, star beings - all types of high vibing spirits are constantly offering their love and assistance, are you ready to be connected with them?


Being clairaudient, clairsentient a remote viewer and channel, I can 'see' and 'hear' your guides and the messages they wish to give to you at this time. I love working with them to help bring you to a reawakening to your divine journey. 


A typical reading with me will be distant, this is so that I can create ceremony around your reading (the use of singing bowls, crystals, oracle cards etc) and deeply tune-in to your energy body where I am able to read what is happening for you spiritually, this is the 'realm' in which I can see your guides. 


Before this reading, we'll email to discuss any questions you might have, or themes you wish to raise - perhaps you have questions for your guides or wish to particulalry direct me towards the animal realm or your aura. I am always surprised at who 'shows up', sometimes we have allies in planes we haven't yet encountered! But they are here for our highest goals, they send us nothing but love and light, which in itself is divine guidance. We are opened up to divinely loving ourselves through their encouragement. 


After your reading, you will be emailed a PDF write-up of your reading detailing what came up for you, who your guides are and what their messages are for you currently. Here we may discuss anything you'd like about your reading.

Spirit Guide Reading

  • 60 min distant reading plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.


    Because of the time and commitment given to doing the reading and creating the report given afterwards, readings cannot be refunded. 

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