Ascended Master Channeling

Who are the Ascended Masters?


The Ascended Masters are souls who have trained throughout many incarnations dedicated to their soul mission and path, and lived to embody their spirituality and universal truth for the evolution of the planet and humanity. These masters have brought profound world and cosmic teachings to us all, like Buddha, Jesus (Yeshua or Lord Sananda), Lord Kathumi, Mother Mary, Serapis Bey, Goddess Isis and many more. 


They are here now to support us during this powerful time in humanity to help us reawaken to the intelligence of the universe and remind us of our connection to Source (Great Spirit, The All, Father-Mother God mind, or whatever term you prefer to describe the ulitmate Divine). Just as we all have spirit guides supporting our journey, we have also been assigned certain Ascended Masters who resonate with our own unique soul qualities. 


I began channeling Ascended Masters seven years ago when I reawakened my dormant gifts and strengthened my channels - it was Archangel Metatron, Master Merlin, Goddess Isis and Lord Ganesh who wanted to work with me closely, showing me my previous mastery incarnations.


And so, with this beautiful gift I feel so blessed to carry, I love to use it to help others receive information about their unique soul path, their place in evolution, their soul origins, their star family, master-soul aspects and anything else that would serve as powerful and life-changing tools for growth, development, cosmic wisdom, truth and knowledge - the information and loving guidance that has come through so far has been so beautiful to witness, it is a gift to me as well.


A typical channeling with me will be distant; this is so that I can create ceremony around your channeling and meet the masters in the right time-space and connection. 


Before this channeling, we'll email to discuss any questions you might have, or themes you wish to raise - perhaps you have specific  questions for the masters you'd like me to put forth, or are happy to just receive whatever comes through.


After the session, you will be emailed a PDF write-up of your channeling. At this point we may also discuss anything you'd like regarding your channeling. 

Ascended Master Channeling

  • Your personal channeled distant reading sent via to you via PDF, plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.

    Because of the time and commitment given to doing the reading and creating the report given afterwards, readings cannot be refunded.