Aura Reading

Our Auric/Energetic field reflects the vibrations of our whole being at any given moment, and is something we can absolutely shift for ourselves and take full control of.


When we're feeling low energy, unwell, tired, disconnected spiritually, stressed etc, in a reading our aura and energy body, will show that the frequencies are dense, the colours are dull or there may be energy 'leaks' and blocks where we might have given too much of ourselves away, have been drained, still have stuck trauma or reocurring issues - the vibrations of our emotions and thoughts are stopping lovely, light-filled energy from flowing through our system well.


When we work to strengthen our auric field by identifying where we are being depleted, this not only protects our energy and keeps away that which is negative, it also keeps our own personal light and energy tank topped up. Chakras will balance, energy will flow and on a cellular level we are renewed with a higher frequency. We have more energy, we tap into our psychic and spiritual gifts, we are in-tune with our bodies and ourselves. 


I've been giving myself auric readings and healings for 14 years now, it is remarkable to see the developments (or blockages, depending!) and the difference of each one over the years. Our aura colours will also change, depending on our state of being and our external influences as well as internal ones.


Understanding in an instant, where in the body needs a tune up, can be acted on simply and effectively. We suddenly have a picture of what the state of our energy looks like and where to go from there. What we 'see' that needs to be worked on, indicates to us how to restore and bring it into health, vitality and lightness, based on the part of the body, the Chakra or the meridian/acupressure point where the energy isn't flowing as well as it should. 


I am excited to offer these Aura Readings as I will chart for you, all the stagnant spots, troubled/imbalanced chakras, shutdowns/blocks in your system, weak spots in the body, as well as your most healthiest and active chakras, and your most open and active channels (including your ascension chakras) which you can tap into to expand on your gifts, vitality and connection. 


Done distantly, I will link in with you and use the method of dowsing to detrmine the energy blocks. I will also read your current aura colours, the current vibrations of your energy field, and the health/balance of your chakras and any other information that comes through about your energy body in the reading.  


In a PDF report, I will intepret the reading for you and give you guidance on how to work with your aura to improve the quality of your energy through all layers and what frequencies are wanting to be worked on/called in for you.


You will also receive a scanned image of your energy body, complete with a diagram of your current energetic field and intepretations so you know what your aura looks like! 




You may wish to receive an energy healing following your reading for me to work on what came up in the chart for you - this would include an energetic 'sweep' of your energy body through all layers, a tune-up and raising the frequency of each of Chakras/energy centres. 


This will be a 30 min distant healing that we will arrange, once you have received your reading. 


Aura Reading

Aura Reading Options
  • Your personal reading sent via to you via PDF, (both visual chart and written report), plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.

    For the reading plus healing session option, you will receive the above and a 30 minute distant energy healing to be arranged for a time and date that suits, following your reading report.

    Because of the time and commitment given to doing the reading and creating the report given afterwards, readings cannot be refunded.