Bone Reading

Earthy, ancestral and powerful, a Bone Reading will provide guidance and messages around what is happening in every aspect of your life, be it finances, relationships, where your intuition lies, where you should be placing focus and what wisdom is waiting to reveal itself.


Lovingly and traditionally collected over a period of time, each diviner's set is different and unique to them and they 'speak' to the reader, along with the ancestors to give powerful insight about a person's life. 


With an extra layer, I work the curios alongside the astrological wheel, deepening the messages and guidance through reading and psychically understanding the landing of each piece within the chart. 


I will link into your energy distantly, call in your ancestors of the light, who are here to support you, and then I will "throw the bones" and perform a  1.5 - 2 hour reading. 


A PDF report will then be written up for you, along with a photo of your particular bone-throw so you may see the placement of each object and a break-down of the symbolism and meaning around each of my pieces.   

Bone Reading

  • 1.5 - 2 hour distant reading (PDF report and photo of bone throw) plus an email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.


    Because of the time and commitment given to doing the reading and creating the report given afterwards, readings cannot be refunded. 

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