Cosmic Shakti Healing©

"Shakti" in Sanskrit was once the word given to any woman and literally translates to "Sexual Being". It is our Divine birthright to be the vessel of shakti energy, which is essentially the spark of creation.


What stops us being in our full Feminine, is a lack of an organic, primal feminine vibration that existed naturally within us at the dawn of time, before Shakti was shamed, destroyed, diminished. 


But this energy is returning and we are being called to awaken to our full selves, without fear and shame. 


To allow this energy to flow through you, is to allow our cells to be revitalised, for shakti energy rejuvenates our bodies, keeps us in deep connection with our essence, clears trauma and fear, and activates creativity and unconditional love throughout your entire being. 


This is a very powerful healing modality channelled to me and it is deep, beautiful work.


This is a hands-off, distant energetic healing (like all other healings offered) but occurs in a much higher plane, a place of Cosmic Love and Creation. 


Some powerful guides and ascended masters have stepped forth and have urged me to offer this powerful energy work.


A Cosmic Shakti Healing session will include:


  • Womb healing using Shamanic Energy techniques
  • A bridging of your heart chakra and sacral chakra
  • A deprogramming of the fear vibration with the Venus Star Beings
  • Past relationship imprint clearing 
  • Shame vibration removal with the Pleiadian Star Beings
  • Divine Masculine/Primal Feminine balancing with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene
  • Shakti reacitvation with Goddess Isis


This is deep and important work and will last around one hour - an hour and a half, depending on how deep the past trauma and blockages are. We will communicate on the emotional stuckness, trauma and blocks that appear in your system through an energy body scan, which will be done remotely as I will link in to your soul blueprint.



Cosmic Shakti Healing©

  • 60-90 min Distant cosmic energy healing plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie, plus a PDF report of healing emailed after session. 


    Because of the time and commitment given to performing the healing and creating the report given afterwards, healings cannot be refunded. 


    *These healings are energetic/vibrational modalities and are not replacement of medical treatment*

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