Energy Healing

Fine tuning the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies brings us into alignment with how we truly wish to navigate forward and it gives us the restoration we need to steer ourselves in that direction. 


But in its simplest form, receiving a healing is an act of self-care and self-love, we are carving out a piece of time to really drop-in and connect with ourselves.


I began my healing journey with energetic and vibrational methods in 2008, but I have been working with self-explorative emotional, spritual and mental healing for 20 years. Qualifiying in Herbalism, Angelic Reiki, Colour Therapy, Past Life Healing, Aromatherapy and VortexHealing®, I work to alchemise the energy required for your highest and best, aiming to bring you into balance, alignment, an awakening, relaxation, whatever is desired for the growth of your own healing journey. 


Distant healing is just as effective as in-person healing with these tune-ins. We will arrange a suitable time where you will not be disturbed and laying down comfortably and I will perform the healing from sacred space in my home. Some have described it as feeling like warm waves gently moving through the body, some have visions themselves during the healing.


What I wish most for you, is for you to realise your own self-healing potential and to be left with a positive sense of strength for moving forward towards your goals.


As I am clairsentient, clairaudient and can remote view past lives, aura blockages or emotional, spiritual and mental stagnancies in the energy bodies, I will be working with various types of energy to address all these possible blockages.


If you specifically ask for angelic energy healing, this will typically be a 60min session where angels and ascended masters will work through the aura to pour divine light into where it is required. During this type of healing, I may see a past life or lives of yours and I may gain understanding of which guides and masters are working with you on your healing journey. 


Aftercare will be explained to you along with a full PDF report emailed to you regarding everything that came up (Distant option only) in your healing and we can discuss how you are feeling via email.


If you do not specifically ask for angelic energy healing, then a fusion of vortex (divine force of light and love) and aura clearing, chakra balancing and spiritual clearing will occur. What's interesting about this, is that there are a number of things that can come up, aura colours may be detected, your spirit guides may join me to assist, plant spirits and crystal spirits may come through to offer their help and anything from past life themes to inner child issues may come up to be addressed.


If you're feeling called to dedicate some time to tuning into what is happening in all your subtle energy bodies and wish to work on clearing emotional imbalances, stresses and blockages, then I will be honoured to facilitate this for you. 

Energy Healing

Distant Energy Healing
  • 40 min distant angelic energy healing or vortex energy healing plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie, distantly 


    60min in person session at Soul Space London. (Dalston/Hackney).


    Because of the time and commitment given to performing the healing and creating the report given afterwards, healings cannot be refunded. 


    *These healings are energetic/vibrational modalities and are not replacement of medical treatment*

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