Bespoke Healing Sessions

During a Bespoke Healing Session, we may work on anything you like. We'll begin with  a 30 minute video call to discuss where you're at and explore what you're in need of, whether that's healing trauma, upgrading your energy centres, working on a particular area of your body to release blockages, cutting cords, clearing fear, releasing ancestral trauma etc, we can customise an energy healing session that will directly work on your immediate concerns, issues and needs.


You may also wish to use time on our call to ask questions and/or receive some brief coaching/mentoring to deepen your understanding of the tools and practices available to you going forward after your session. A Bespoke Healing Session will allow us to hone in on specific problem areas and help to fine tune your energy body, raise your vibration and move you along on your path. 


After our call, we will arrange a time and day for us to link in distantly for you to receive the healing itself. If you'd like to get an idea of the types of energy work we may do together, then please do visit the page About My Work to learn more. 


Fine tuning the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies brings us into alignment with how we truly wish to navigate forward and it gives us the restoration we need to steer ourselves in that direction. But in its simplest form, receiving a healing is an act of self-care and self-love, we are carving out a piece of time to really drop-in and connect with ourselves.


Distant healing is just as effective as in-person healing with these tune-ins. We will arrange a suitable time where you will not be disturbed and laying down comfortably, and I will perform the healing from sacred space in my home. Some have described it as feeling like warm waves gently moving through the body, some have visions themselves during the healing.


Aftercare will be explained to you along with a full PDF report emailed to you regarding everything that came up in your healing and we can discuss how you are feeling via email.


Bespoke Healing Sessions

  • 30 min Zoom Call + 30 min distant energy healing session + PDF report emailed to you after your session.

    Because of the time and commitment given to performing the healing and creating the report given afterwards, healings cannot be refunded. 

    *These healings are energetic/vibrational modalities and are not replacement of medical treatment*