LIGHT BODY UPGRADE  - With the Egyptians and Arcturians

The Ancient Egyptian Masters and Starbeings are offering a very beautiful and special upgrade and activation to those who feel called to elevate their light body and state of well-being.


This healing and activation session will:


  • Raise your frequency 
  • Boost your ascension path 
  • Cleanse and balance your endocrine system (particularly the pineal and hypothalamus glands)
  • Awaken/stabilise/upgrade the twelve chakras 
  • Enhance psychic ability
  • Enhance spiritual and healing gifts
  • Attune you to the Egyptian Gods + Goddesses (Thoth, Isis, Hathor, Ra, Sekhmet)
  • Attune you to the powerful healing energies of The Arturian star race
  • Reawaken your dormant lightworker qualities 
  • Strengthen connection to Source, Masters, Guides, Angels etc


But more than anything, this is for anyone who wants to take their spiritual path to the next level.


In Ancient Egyptian temples, much work was done on the soul and the subtle bodies in order to fill up the light-body to its fullest potential and awaken mastery abilities. And now, they are stepping forth to offer us the same, with even more advanced light techniques, alongside the Arcturians who are a very masterful star race.


What is the 'light body'?


The light body, or the 'Ka body', as it is referred to in Egyptian text, is the soul and all its other energetic and subtle layers. This includes your chakra body, your aura, your mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic, ancestral and 'star bodies'. 


Who are the Arcturians?


The Arcturians come from the star, Arcturus, and have been helping and supporting us on earth in our evolution for aeons. They are peaceful, loving and highly advanced healers and 'light-technicians' and are willing to help us ascend to our maximum potential at this time. Calling on them for guidance and healing is a very deep and connective experience. 


What is the endocrine system?


The endocrine system is made up of the glands in the human body that are responsible for moods, hormones, energy levels, sleep regulation, metabolism, development and many other things. 


The pineal gland in particular is very sacred in many cultures as it is linked to the Third Eye. When awakened and activated, the pineal gland stimulates and increases psychic ability and spiritual connection.  


During this session:


You will be taken up to the higher temples of the Egyptians where you will receive an attunement, healing and activation of the light-body from the masters, with particular attention to the chakra system and endocrine system. Then you will be taken into the Golden Chambers of Isis to receive and reclaim soul gifts.


Thoth will also be working deeply on your pineal gland and your channels in order to strengthen your psychic abilities and your connection to higher wisdom and your guides and masters.


Hathor will be pouring in beautiful transmissions into your heart centre and your emotional body, Ra will be bringing you light codes for your solar plexus and higher illumination to your path, and Sekhmet will assist you in your connection to your body as a temple, your auric field, your magic, frequency and relationship to your abundance and blessings.


Then you will be taken to an Arcturian Star Healing Temple to bring your whole system into integration as well as receive any further healing necessary to purify and raise the vibration of your light body. You will also be given advanced protection for you and your energy bodies.

LIGHT BODY UPGRADE - With the Egyptians and Arcturians

  • 30-45 minute distant healing session and PDF report following the healing. Date and time will be arranged through email correspondence.