ONLINE WORKSHOP: Everyday Mudras with Cindy Marie-Jeanne

Mudras, also known as hand yoga (Hasta Mudra), is a powerful and ancient practice which dates back thousands of years and has proven to provide many benefits for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The hand gestures act as an energy guide directing our life force to flow around our body using focused intention and allows us to recharge our energies and supports in journeying inwards.


There are various different types of mudra which can be used depending on your intention and the qualities you wish to promote within yourself such as the classic ‘prayer hands’ - Anjali Mudra which is a mudra to promote a sense of gratitude. It also stabilises the lower chakras making it grounding and opens the heart inviting in compassion and peace. Other mudras range from relieving stress and anxiety, improving concentration levels, cleansing your energy field and energy protection, just to name a few.


So if you would like to know more and it resonates with you, join us in this introductory workshop where we will be exploring hand chakras, the power of the breath and combining them with mudras in some exercises and meditation to get you started. 


A zoom invitation link will be sent out to you a few days before the event. 


ONLINE WORKSHOP: Everyday Mudras with Cindy Marie-Jeanne


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