Past Life Reading and Healing

Uncovering past lives in my experience has been one of the greatest tools in my healing journey. Re-remembring abilities, traits and talents my soul-self has developed over many lifetimes has helped me step more into my truth, has helped me understand myself better and understand the common themes/patterns/karmic issues that have reoccured. 


The psyche holds onto traumatic events, past sorrows and hurts which the soul blueprint retains, but we do not remember them when we reincarnate and so, they play out in our current lives, manifest as dis-ease in the physical body as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 


Oftentimes, we bring through common-thread issues of our ancestry through with us and clearing these frees us of that which doesn't serve or belong to us. Healing painful past life memories lightens us, shifts the way we are, alters us for the better - we can make space for the new and positive and rid ourselves of the ties that hold us back.


This offering includes a past life reading and a healing session to work on what has come up in the reading. I journey to and view usually the most relevant past life that is mirroring current issues in this incarnation for you. Maybe just one life may present itself, or there could be mulltiple that arise in the reading. Being able to view your records, see your soul blueprint and your energy body, I may view these for you. Along with the assistance of my guides and shamanic journeying I can connect to some of the most significant moments of your past.


Once the reading has been done, we will arrange a distant healing session where I will link in with your energy body to clear these blockages and karmic patterns. 


We will be in contact through email throughout the sessions, although your availability isn't needed for the initial reading. 

Past Life Reading and Healing

  • A past life reading plus a follow up healing session along with email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.


    Because of the time and commitment given to performing the healing and creating the report given afterwards, healings cannot be refunded. 


    *These healings are energetic/vibrational modalities and are not replacement of medical treatment*

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