Past Life Sessions

To understand the journey of your soul is to be more clear about your purpose and potential. You as a soul agreed to experience various different paths in order to develop a deep connection with life and the wider consciousness - to build compassion, to learn forgiveness, to cultivate gifts `and wisdom, to understand multiple perspectives and to find a way back to who you truly are.


Forgetting our soul story each time we are born offers us another chance to undertake the quest of choosing healing, growth and love. the more of us that pursue this knowledge and understanding of our souls, the more the collective consciousness benefits - we can see the cohesion of humanity, how our stories are intertwined, how we can help others return to their true selves too.


To explore who we are at every level is to also be able to release those limitations.


The psyche holds onto traumatic events, past sorrows and hurts which the soul blueprint retains, but we do not remember them when we reincarnate and so, they play out in our current lives, manifest as dis-ease or ailments in the physical body, as well as in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 


Uncovering past lives in my experience has been one of the greatest tools in my healing journey. Not only have I ended old cycles, karmic ties, reoccuring themes and patterns that were holding me back, released and closed the portals of past trauma from the psyche as well as through timelines, I have reclaimed  abilities, traits and talents my soul-self has developed over many lifetimes. This has helped me step more into my truth, has helped me understand myself better and know myself so deeply beyond this personality, this vessel and this ego - this has paid off in beautiful, divine and unlimited ways. 


My offering to you, is to assist you in finding yourself - who and where you have been, what wisdom you have banked deeply in your soul records, what gifts, abilities, purpose and path your soul chose to develop, claim and navigate. Together, we will clear and release what needs to be gone - what portals of the past may be completed and closed. I wish to bring to light your strengths, your knowledge, your personal power and the Story of You and to awaken the Master Soul you truly are. 


During these sessions:


We will explore your Soul Journey based upon your current needs.


We may look at the most significant life that is wanting to be healed, or we may seek a life in which you wish to understand a connection/contract you have with someone in your current life, we may also explore your most spiritually empowered life, or your between earth-life lives (should this wish to be uncovered) or the life in which you were at your happiest.


The possibitlies are endless, for if you are reading this, or are drawn to my work, you most absolutely have had many previous incarnations. 




 - One Past Life Reading:


30 min video chat which will include a reading of one significant past life + 30 min distant energy healing + PDF report following the session. 


- Multiple Lives/Deeper Exploration:


1 hour video chat/reading to dive deeper into one significant past life, or many - working through your biggest themes, karmic contracts, reoccuring blocks and soul purpose pursuits + 45 min distant energy healing + PDF report following the session. 


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Past Life Sessions

Past Life Sessions
  • Because of the time and commitment given to performing the healing and creating the report given afterwards, healings cannot be refunded. 

    *These healings are energetic/vibrational modalities and are not replacement of medical treatment*