Sacred Heart Healing®

Sacred Heart Healing® was channelled to me by Mother Mary during my shamanic healing initiation in 2018. I was told that Iwould be given the vibration of unconditional love in that moment and was to pioneer a new healing modality that would clear the wounding created by the ‘church consciousness’.


The sacred heart symbol was energetically placed in the centre of my heart chakra. For months thereafter, I received healings and attunements from Mother Mary to prepare me for the work that I was asked to one day attune others with and pass on as a rite.


Two days after the Notre-Dame burning, I was visited again by Mother Mary and Ascended Master, Joan of Arc, who gave me the message that it was time to create the Sacred Heart Healing®and teach it far and wide.


This healing clears the karmic cycles we have endured with the church. Joan of Arc’s channeled message was this:


“Everyone existing on this planet right now has experienced some kind of church life. Every single soul has incarnated at least once as a nun or priest, every individual on this planet currently, has been affected by the church in some way - in many lifetimes previous and in this lifetime. But at large, at a global level, there is a church consciousness that is to be broken. Collectively, we have been damaged by the church’s historical actions, including The Witch Trials, The Crusades and any other catastrophic pursuit that changed the course of events for the planet, steering it towards oppression, fear and suffering, no matter how large or small. It is time to break the consciousness that has dominated so many and has kept us all in fear and has damaged us spiritually. More importantly, it is time to liberate women from the church.”


Supporting this healing modality, Ascended Master Joan works for the protection of souls ready to be brave and break contracts, vows and initiations from previous lives, baptisms we’ve experienced in this lifetime or any other experience where we have been made as a product of Catholicism or Christian lineage.


Mother Mary is the very vessel of the “Vibration of Sophia”: the light and consciousness of pure unconditional love, the highest golden ray of Christ Consciousness and the healing and empowering activation of Mary Magdalene. It is the ‘goddess’ vibration in its highest Yin and Yang balanced frequency. Sophia is an ancient Greek word meaning “wisdom”, and it is this ancient wisdom that belongs in our time, in the here and now, we are ready for it.


Now is the time for us to take our healing to the next level through these loving and very powerful sessions and begin a new stage in Mother Earth’s evolution by bringing back the Vibration of Sophia, as it was, before it was removed from history.


During this session:


  • You will have your past life links to the church viewed and cleared - knowing how many lives you have had linked to the church and how many there are to clear
  • Your church trauma healed and 'uncreated'
  • Any vows, intitations, confirmations, contracts etc broken, wiped and uncreated
  • Reversal of baptism in Mother Mary's temple

Sacred Heart Healing®

  • 40 min distant energy healing plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie.


    Because of the time and commitment given to mentoring sessions (also prior and after) these cannot be refunded. 


    *This healing is an energetic modality and therefore not a replacement of medical treatment*

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