Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic healing is the oldest practice there is in the healing arts. This ancient, powerful, transformative modality can clear deep-rooted issues that have manifested into various issues carried in the body.


With the highest light, it works through the chakras and clears any unwanted energy sitting in the energy body and removes attachments, spiritual or otherwise. Navigating shadows, timelines, ancestral lineage and many other blockages and issues, restores the body back to its equlibrium and highest state - 'cleaning' out the whole system to bring it to health and 'lightness'. 


Distant shamanic healing is just as effective as in-person healing, in fact, sometimes more potent with these tune-ins. We will arrange a suitable time where you will not be disturbed and laying down comfortably, and I will perform the healing from sacred space in my home. Some have described it as feeling like warm waves gently moving through the body, some have visions themselves during the healing, others have physically felt the release of something attached that has been holding them back. 


What I wish most for you, is for you to realise your own self-healing potential and to be left with a positive sense of strength for moving forward towards your goals. Shedding what no longer serves you, propels you along your acsension path and self-evolution. 

Shamanic Energy Healing

Distant Energy Healing
  • 40 min distant shamanic energy healing plus email consultation and correspondence with Stephanie, plus a PDF report of healing emailed after session (distant).


    60 min in person session at Soul Space London (Dalston/Hackney)

    Because of the time and commitment given to performing the healing and creating the report given afterwards, healings cannot be refunded. 


    *These healings are energetic/vibrational modalities and are not replacement of medical treatment*

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