Spiritual Development 101 - Audio Workshop Recording

Learn the fundamentals for finding, developing and advancing your spiritual gifts in this audio 2-hour workshop with Stephanie. 


Stephanie has been an active channel for roughly 7 years, but has been communicating with Spirit, her guides, the angelic realms and other higher beings for over 20 years. She learned how to 'wake up' and amplify these gifts within her, and through training, personal experience, curiosity and  exploration, she has learned the keys to uncovering and activating spiritual abilities and psychic gifts, and would love to show you how to uncover and discover yours - because absolutely everyone can! 


Learn how to open up your spiritual channels to receive guidance and higher wisdom as well as create your own personal practice that works with your unique soul journey through guided experience, and establishing a relationship with the nature of Spirit/Cosmos and the energy bodies. 


This is an exciting 101 'crash course' for advancing your connection with your higher self and with the wondrous and magical journey your soul path has the potential to be. 


No experience necessary, this is open to all levels from complete beginner,  to anyone who feels they have been embracing their spiritual journey for a while already but would love a boost to their development.


(Recorded in March 2021 with Soul Star Circle)

Spiritual Development 101 - Audio Workshop Recording