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Caduceus - Robert Hamilton

Welcome to the first ever book in The Library; a new blog series dedicated to recommending and showcasing esoteric/spiritual books that I've read, loved and found important in my twenty years of being awakened to my spirituality, healing and growth.

Back in 2008, I was gifted this book for my 24th birthday. Before I removed the wrapping, it buzzed in my hands. This was the moment where everything I had experienced up to that point in life, would anchor itself into me on a thread of resonant knowledge.

This symbol, the Caduceus, is usually depicted as two snakes (the kundalini serpents), a staff and wings. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, it has circulated throughout civilisation in medicinal practices because it is the symbol of healing. I happened to love the Caduceus so much that for my twenty-first birthday, I had a personalised version of it tattooed on my lower back where I had suffered bad back problems that physiotherapy at just the young age of seventeen couldn't fix. Symbols have power, and I know this for sure, because as soon I had the alchemical symbol of healing printed onto my back, the arresting back pain I'd lived with for years and years previous was gone, and has never returned.

So, I entered these book pages knowing that there was wisdom for me here. I had already begun my journey with crystals, tarot cards, angels, spirit guides, animal spirits - you name it. But what I wanted, was for history to reveal itself to me or rather HERstory - the story of Earth, the Great Mother herself.

This book seeks to give you a little, juicy bite of everything. Everything you may have been curious about, everything you might want to explore in depth elsewhere, everything Religious Studies and History subjects at school omitted from their curriculum, all considered with the Science-headed reader and the Spiritual-headed reader in mind. Philosophy, Classic Civilisation and Theology hold these subjects together, and through well-paced writing, and strong research, plenty of information is unearthed. We are given a keyhole into what we have missed from this world's journey through science and religion; it offers us an alternative idea: marry the two and what you have is a flexible, mutable guide to the Universe.

The header chapters are as follows:

1. The Scientific Fraternity

2. Anomalies in Ancient Histories

3. Evidence of an Unknown Antediluvian Civilisation

4. Esoteric Spiritual Texts

5. The Spiritual Philosophers

6. Kundalini: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

7. 'Light' at the End of Life?

8. A Last Word

And within this chapters are multiple other topics to whet the appetite. After riffing from Atlantis to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Einstein to William Blake, Carl Jung to Gopi Krishna, Quantum Mechanics to Reincarnation, I was suddenly seeing my tableaux of the world threaded, gaps were being sewn together.

One of my favourite quotes included in the text is Albert Einstein on religion and atheism:

"Mere unbelief in a personal God is no philosophy at all.

I am not an atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a pantheist. The problem is far too vast for our limiting minds."

- Albert Einstein

What I love overall about Caduceus, is that it provided me with the means to disagree with anything. If I were to tell someone why Hinduism, although a beautiful religion in many aspects, isn't for me I could, with the support of the text, I now know why that is. Because of this book, I also am aware of Jainism and the discovery of Antartica, I am able to discuss religion in the arts, decide for myself how I would approach sacred text and how I would talk to atheists and politely decline their arguments. I am prepared for an unfolding and an exploration because I've been given the tools on how to navigate it; awareness is absolute key here. If I could give one word for you to put into your energetic tool-bag as you embark on your spiritual journey, it is just that: awareness.

So, a book for the curious, a book for the beginner or advanced but a staple for any library.

Happy Reading!

Until next time, Curious, Cosmic Friends!



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