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Using Your Chakras - Ruth White

I picked up this book at a shop called The Speaking Tree in Glastonbury in 2010. I had travelled there for two weeks of solitude, to write, to connect to myself and to contemplate my then rocky relationship of almost four years. I needed to be in the Heart Chakra of the world, to feel the love of everyone's open hearts, to feel free and non-judged - such is the place when we are fully in our heart centre.

I was deep into my healing journey by this point; I wanted to understand my cycles, my patterns, my karma. I was in a state of trying to love myself away from where I couldn't. And then I found Using your Chakras.

I had always known about chakras, worked with them some, but never fully grasped just how connected they are to things that have passed. Back then, before the Awakening of 2012, when the Divine Feminine made her return to Mother Earth, lightworkers seemed to only be working with the common seven chakras: the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown - those of the body. But we, in the 'Now Age', work with twelve or thirteen, or beyond.

The chakra system is fundamental to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. When chakras are blocked, stuck, overactive or under-active, we feel out of balanced, we hold onto our fears and doubts, and we often experience malaise. It is important to keep them in energetic flow for our vitality and development, to cope with our system no matter what is thrown at us.

I love this book because it dares to link our chakras to the various types of dis-ease we tend to experience when one or more of our chakras need healing, perhaps the root chakra stuckness you feel is caused by your throat chakra being blocked: you do not feel yourself, feel in body and you're not being who you fully are because you've never been able to express yourself and speak your truth. Maybe your heart chakra feels undernourished because your solar plexus chakra had never had the opportunity to fully be in its power - you feel vulnerable and unconfident. There are links between the sacral chakra and your family, sexuality and creativity, links between the crown chakra and feeling sad and lost in the world, looking for something meaningful.

I worked through this book, performing the breathing exercises and visualisations each morning; I circulated breath through my roots, into Gaia and then back up again into my heart and out through my crown up to Source/Creator whichever word feels comfortable for you to envision the highest light there is. With each day I was uncovering suppressed memories, understanding why I couldn't love the way I wanted to be loved, my sacral chakra was virtually non-existent, my root was as tiny and dull in colour as a nut or seed. When I set the blockages free, got the chakra wheels turning, felt my flow, I knew what I had to do for my future.

Alas, I went home and ended the toxic relationship and found a new job that would later pay for my solo trip around the world exactly a year later, and the best part of it all was that none of it was difficult. Life flowed and I went with it. I knew that as long as I was unstuck, all would be as it should.

Of course, we are never done with this work, our chakras fluctuate in their power or diminishment. People affect them wherever we go; often the throat chakra, heart and solar plexus take the brunt of the harsh words or treatment of us from others. But what beauty spirituality can give when we do this work, is to know that when we are affected, we understand that the other person must be affected. Perhaps they inflict upon us their projection because they themselves feel stuck, hurt and fearful. We can only send them light to where they need it the most: their heart centre.

In a coffee shop in Glastonbury on my last day I journaled everything my chakras and this book had taught me. The journey to healing was just beginning, but now I knew how to work through it.

This book is powerful and its simplicity and small identity should not be overlooked. Not a widely available text, but definitely one to look out for to add to your daily practice of self care. It reminds us to look out for ourselves, to take a moment and understand how we are affected every single day.

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