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Earth Wisdom - Glennie Kindred

As we've turned over into the new season of Autumn, it's the right time to recommend a book to help you align with Mother Earth's cycles. Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred is a book I picked up whilst staying in Glastonbury some years ago. I was on a solo pilgrimage to write, meditate, practice yoga and just be with land that exudes enchantment and magick. It was easy to fall into the rhythm of nature there, seeing dew drops form in the cooler Autumnal mornings, squirrels hopping about to bury their food for the winter and the oak trees at their busiest, reminding us of the polarities of decay and fruitfulness.

Synching to the cycles of the year gets us into flow with our own life, we find harmony with the particular trees and plants that are in alignment with the month, when we honour Equinoxes, Solstices and other Sabbats we call in the bounty of these powerful times and and are gifted with this heightened magick. We are in resonance with nature and our presence with it means there is less resistance in our lives, we can accept the ebb and flow and enjoy their rewards.

This book is simple but incredibly informative for those who want to understand each Sabbat and celebration and how to invite nature into your home, such as making a garland, a flower remedy or honouring harvest with traditional food - all made from the natural abundance around you. Glennie Kindred is the master of herbal teachings and green magick and has published several books on these subjects, giving specific areas of interest a comprehensive and knowledgable interpretation for the beginner or the most practiced earth-worker. Her rituals, recipes and illustrations are delightful and make it a joy to start communing with the natural world and getting hands-on with what's in your garden, kitchen or your local park - for those who love to craft would find this a fun way to get in tune with the medicine and teachings our green friends have to offer.

Upon returning to London after my Glastonbury retreat, where it had been so easy to fall into a gentle and natural rhythm with the world, I realised that because I had built a relationship with nature, I continued to look all around me in the city for the where nature was still working her magickal cycles. Amongst concrete and brick, I could still be in tune with it all: the berries of the Hawthorn tree reminding me to make a syrup ready, should the winter give me a cold, or over a wall or fence, the catkins of the Hazel tree would remind me to call in the wisdom I'd processed ready to bloom and come into play in spring.

This book helped me to realise just what happens in our environment and how we can be a part of it, how we can witch our way through the year to call in as many blessings as nature is so willing to offer us.

I dip into this book here and there every year, knowing that should I fall out of rhythm with my own life, I can look to nature to help me find my way back to it.

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