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Star Power - Vanessa Montgomery

I have waited for so long for an astrology book to come along that actually explains what I want explaining, and doesn't give me an outdated academic's approach to comprehending charts and transits. This is an astrology book for the current times, coming from a place of soul-centredness and an interest in spiritual evolution.

I've been exposed to astrology since I was a little girl, my mother would read out our horoscopes to my sister and I, and always made us feel as though the stars and planets had some divine guidance for us all. She'd talk about how she felt and what the sky looked like when we were each born, how serendipitous everything was, how she considered both of us two little stars who'd come to brighten her night sky.

As I grew into my esoteric practices, I picked up a book on Astrology. It only seemed right to add this to my canon, and when I got it home and reached beyond the Zodiac personalities, I hit a wall with it. This information I already vaguely knew, some in this book was even inaccurate to my visceral understanding of each sign.

With a large step missing, the book went onto the technical practice, advising me to invest in a protractor and to take in heady maths. I gave up on the book and subsequently gave up on Astrology, until I became too interested and too invested in other planetary influences, including the study of star-seed planets and the mythology of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter to begin with.

Retrogrades became common alerts across Instagram and soon I was engaged in what was happening in the sky. I've always worked with the moon, but sporadically followed which signs it moved into at any given time. But interestingly, I developed a knack for sensing what was happening to me and why in certain transits. Aries makes me edgy, Gemini gets me creative and in my own sign of Taurus, I feel pretty damn good. But there was more, so much more to know. There still is.

And enter the wonderful podcast, Cosmic Cousins created by Jeff Hinshaw, to whom I give huge gratitude for bringing astrology to a new platform where it serves well to teach, to engage and to explore astrology in the warmest and most accessible way. Week by week, by his guidance and innovative approach to a modern study of "soul-centred astrology", I was learning thick and fast about natal charts, planets, metaphysical links to each sign and so much more. I still love this podcast, I still learn from it each week and I even support Jeff on Patreon for his impeccable work and his passion to share it with us.

But still no book to grace my shelves with, to fill the gap in my esoteric studies and pursuits. Until just recently, Star Power by Vanessa Montgomery came into print.

This book is by far the best that's out there in the current market by any 'Now Age' writer/practitioner in my opinion.

In this book, we easily become acquainted with each planet, including Chiron (the wounded healer), which is an essential one to understand, I personally believe. We aren't met with the usual fluffy same-old, same old, when it comes to introducing us to each zodiac sign. Elements are given their own dedicated section in the book as well as the modes, which seemed to have never stuck in my mind or enlightened me with their deepest concepts. These feature simply and yet nothing is left out to confuse the reader. Montgomery walks us through the houses, which I had just begun to understand through Cosmic Cousins, but this book fleshes out what I wanted to know and serves as a reference that's finally right at my fingertips to pick up and revisit conveniently.

For those who are just beginning, or haven't found a book to fit into your collection as a true astrology guide for our contemporary cosmic times, this is the one so far.

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