"I just wanted to say that you continue to be a huge inspiration for me: I have nothing but love, respect, admiration and gratitude for you and your work. Keep dancing to that unique drum of yours! It’s bloody powerful and amazing."


"For the first time in my life I feel these range of emotions: peace, love and happiness.

It is my first time to feel excited for being in this life.After the session I have been feeling a love and peace breeze in my heart.Plus I have more energy. I keep planning and dreaming how I want my life to be

I can't thank you enough. I am really

grateful that you are being part of my healing journey."

- Hanan

"Receiving a Vortex Healing from Stephanie was probably one of the most powerful healings I have had. I could feel it work throughout my body strongly; it honestly felt as if Stephanie was in the room with me. I could feel the shifting of energy within which enabled me to release emotionally what was no longer serving me. I immediately had a sense of relief after this particular healing. This has now helped create more flow and space within.


For myself I have found this method of healing to be incredibly effective in helping me bring out and shift energies that I feel were limiting me. Stephanie took the time to understand where I needed support and also provided divine information to help me understand better about what was going on. Her work helps me to connect with myself more and gives me more confidence in being able to heal and grow. I’ve always resonated with Stephanie’s work, she is genuine and so loving and my soul just always responds to her magic. Thank you! <3"

- Rakhee

"Thank you so much, I am grateful beyond words. The work you do in the world is a gift to all. Thank you. I’m looking forward to my next session."


"I feel extremely blessed to be connecting with you! I heard your podcast on the Magdalene Voices recently and I really resonated with you and the beautiful initiation you talked about receiving from Mother Mary to connect you with the Sacred Heart energies. 

Thanking you in advance for being courageous enough to do this beautiful work in service of the Divine."


"I loved my readings and healing with Stephanie. Everything resonated so much and each has given me a positive push forward along my journey. Stephanie was also able to tap into a past life and connect with an Egyptian guide whom many other intuitives have told me about and she gave me ways of opening up to them. The animal guides she has brought into my life have been powerful and make me smile whenever they come up. I am grateful for her talents and gifts."

- M.W

"I asked Stephanie for an animal reading wanting some guidance on the direction that my life was going through at one point. I purchased the reading expecting for only animal guides to come through, as I have not ever explored this area of spirituality before. However, I was amazed that other guides also came through which just goes to show how spiritually connected she is. A beautiful surprise was getting to know my star name and I thank her and her guides for passing the information down to me. She is one of the most genuine and deep people that I have come across with and I felt that the messages that came through were from love. It was such a pleasure to read that whenever I feel disconnected to spirit in any way, I go back and read it to remind me of the abundance of support that we have all the time. Petal and Moss newsletters are the best in the spiritual community, and dare I say, my favourite. They are always so well thought out, so creative and connected that my soul literally drinks it. Thank you so much, Stephanie!"


- A.P, London 

"Thank you so much for this report!! I knew you were doing good work but this is even more thorough than I had imagined.I would love to keep doing these sessions with you every so often and see what else comes up."

 - Elizabeth